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What I Do

I am a lifestyle and branding photographer because there is something exhilarating about genuinely capturing humans and their stories. I care very deeply about my clients and am invested in every single client because I genuinely believe that photography has the potential to empower and liberate those with marginalized identities by telling their stories. After all, a picture is indeed worth a thousand words. Let’s co-create a vision that captures your story forever to share it with the universe.

Meet Xiaopan

I proudly identify as a queer, Chinese-American woman. I started photographing seriously in college around 2013 when I decided to gift my graduating friends with graduation photoshoots because I couldn’t afford to buy them something nice. For the next 8 years, I would go on to build deeply rewarding relationships with other humans that I have the privilege of calling clients and friends.

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I will most likely make at least like 5 jokes during our session. I think laughter keeps the soul young.

I’m super into horoscopes, the universe, and reading tarot.

I love tattoos and have over 10 and counting.

fun facts

Branding: Aligned & Intentional

Lifestyle: Meaningful & Timeless

Weddings: Heartfelt & Classic

Enneagram 8
+ Manifesting Generator

I know a cool card trick that I’m pretty proud of. My dad warned me to never let the family secret out. He claims he learned it from someone in a traveling circus.

What my clients are saying

"From the very start Xiaopan made our shoot comfortable and inviting, something we were very nervous about at first quickly became a fun outing with friends. As much as this was clearly a professional photoshoot, it was also a relaxing and warm experience. Xiaopan’s scouting was incredible, finding a picturesque area serving as a incredible backdrop to our love. The finished product shines with this comfort and love, which has left the experience wholly positive and fulfilling. We look forward to getting to work with Xiaopan again because the experience we had with her was unparalleled to anything we have had before."

AILÍSH + LUKE | ENgagement session

What my clients are saying

"She makes you feel comfortable about what you're wearing, guides you on how to pose, brings a magnetic energy to the table. AND, she makes every shoot extremely fun! I will definitely book her again! Don't second guess it, just book her and you won't be disappointed!"


What my clients are saying

"If I had to think of three words to describe my experience it would be professional, friendly, and excellent! I liked how she took the time to show me how great the pictures were coming out during the shoot. She was so patient and made the experience really fun! I would highly recommend her services! I continue to use her amazing photos on my blog and I can’t wait to work with her again!"


What my clients are saying

"Xiaopan took my engagement pictures almost two years ago. She gave great advice leading up to the photoshoot and was punctual if not early the day of the shoot. She takes the time to explain every pose and values client input on the spot. She is phenomenal and I highly recommend her to anybody!"


What my clients are saying

"Patient, Knowledgable, Friendly! This was my first time doing a photoshoot in years and Xiaopan was extremely sweet! I was particular on the type of looks I wanted in my cap and gown and she executed everything flawlessly! Xiaopan actually gives you all of your photos! Finally you’re able to pick out the pictures that you want to post instead of receiving 10 or so photos wondering where a certain look or scene went! She is also extremely organized with a simple process to follow for every part of the booking!" 


What my clients are saying

"She went above and beyond to get the perfect shot! She also made me feel so comfortable and beautiful (specifically with my maternity shoot). With every pose, she made sure that looked my best, that my hair was in place and that the lighting hit just right. Every time I look at my photos from our shoot with Xiaopan, I can’t help but smile. Not only did she capture the most precious moments in mine and my husband’s life, but she made me feel so comfortable in my own skin during the entire shoot." 


What my clients are saying

"As beautiful as they are, almost everything about wedding planning is stressful for girls like me that never wanted to plan a wedding. Xiaopan and her team were an amazing break from all the wedding stress. Xiaopan's style fit what I asked for but maintained a professional's eye which resulted in truly beautiful photography that captured one of the happiest days of our lives. I am so thankful that I trusted the right team to capture our 'forever moment'!" 


What my clients are saying

"She incorporated every pose that I had in mind along with poses that she –by experience- knew would compliment the theme of my shoot. Also, if weather becomes an unexpected obstacle, believe me when I say you are in great hands. I look forward to the day that I get to work with her once again." 


What my clients are saying

"She is very professional, and her pictures come out in amazing quality. I took my graduation pictures with her years ago, and since then, she has helped me in multiple fashion shoots for my blog. She is really reliable and communicative. I would highly recommend her services to anyone!"


What my clients are saying

"Xiaopan is wonderful! The engagement shoot she did for us was just beautiful. The spot she suggested was a little gem near Anaheim full of great light and colours, and her photos managed to really emphasise them. We love the photos! She put us at ease, made us laugh, brought some fun props, and was just lovely."


What my clients are saying

"I had the wonderful opportunity to have Xiaopan do my college grad photos and I was 100% satisfied with how everything turned out. She was very thorough with grad photo Do's and Dont's and wanted to make sure I got the results I wanted. Xiaopan was highly professional and I recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer who is highly skilled and who has an eye for the good stuff!"


What my clients are saying

"Being an engaged gay couple means dealing with “Mr. and Mrs.” assumptions at every turn. Since the day we got engaged, we were made blatantly aware that the wedding process and marriage was not meant for us. However, the simplest part of the entire process was our photoshoot with Xiaopan! As a queer artist herself, Xiaopan was able to not only make us feel comfortable, but extra special, just as any soon-to-be married couple should feel. She took her time to get to know what would make us look best, while simultaneously capturing the spirit of our relationship. I could not be more pleased with my experience with Xiaopan, and would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants love to shine through their photos!"


What my clients are saying

"If you are a detail-oriented person who likes to plan, then you’d appreciate the itinerary Xiaopan sends prior to the photo shoot. The day of was very smooth as Xiaopan had all my notes and visions in mind while also incorporating her own ideas! Her expertise is definitely to be trusted! I appreciate her attention to detail and working with clients to get the best product. I highly recommend Xiaopan as she strives to make the people she works with happy and satisfied!"


What my clients are saying

"She made us feel comfortable and our first meeting was focused on getting to know each other, what the couples needs were, and what we want this experience to be like. I am beyond grateful I choose her to be my photographer for both the engagement and wedding."


What my clients are saying

"What I liked most about my experience was that it was easy from start to finish. Xiaopan worked with me beforehand to get an idea of what I wanted to get out of the photo session, the purpose of the session, etc. And at the location she was very quick to pick out spots that would bring out the best in me and provide good photos. I don't know how common this is compared to other photographers, but I was really surprised at how "at ease" I felt. I've never really been one who considered myself "photogenic", or someone who enjoys taking a lot of pictures. However, from the start Xiaopan was very good about making me feel comfortable. After the first set of pictures we took, she showed me the raw images and I remember thinking to myself "This was a great decision.". I knew from then on that I had made the right choice in coming to her for my pictures."


What my clients are saying

"Not only is Xiaopan incredibly good at what she does, she's an incredible, 20-out-of-10 person. Everything Queena and I could have wished for in a photographer for our California wedding came true after working with Xiaopan and her team. It was a long day and Xiaopan was above-and-beyond accommodating, absolutely polite and perfect amounts of energetic. The photos captured the emotion and love of our special day - we loved them and especially enjoyed the experience of having Xiaopan as our photographer. We always saw wedding photography as an investment and we are grateful to say that we made that investment with Xiaopan - you bet we are collecting residuals from it every time we enjoy our photos as a married couple. Thank you Xiaopan Xue Photography! If anyone is looking for an phenomenal experience along with exceptional photography end-product, you'll get that with Xiaopan!"

Queena + Darren | Wedding Client

What my clients are saying

"Xiaopan was an absolute pleasure to work with!! She was extremely organized and attentive when scheduling our mini session shoot, and I appreciated that so much. It made it clear that she loves what she does, and truly wants to give her clients an amazing experience. On the day of the shoot, Xiaopan was very kind, professional, and did an awesome job helping my partner and I with posing to make sure we got some really nice shots. She made us feel so comfortable and at ease which was so so nice! The photos themselves are absolutely beautiful so I know this will not be our last time working with her."

Alejandra + Kevin | Maternity Session Clients

What my clients are saying

"I graduated in May of 2020 but I did not want to take graduation pictures because I gained a lot of weight in college. I lost about 55lbs and wanted to finally take my graduation photos. Although I felt ready, in the back of my head, I was so conscious and concerned I'd still hate the photos are that I would not feel pretty or like how I looked in them. However, Xiaopan went above and beyond to answer any question I had in terms of makeup, clothes or posing. Xiaopan and her wife made me feel like a BOSS B****. They made me feel so at ease, confident in myself and just overall beautiful. My mom tagged along and she snuck a peak at the photos and cried (she's hard to impress). Now receiving the photos, I was floored. I know these photos are something I'll take pride in and cherish for the rest of my life. They are something I'll value dearly, especially as a woman of color and first generation student. Thank you so much for making the scary and intimidating experience quite the opposite."

Alejandra + Kevin | Maternity Session Clients

What my clients are saying

 "I'd say that it was very easy for us to coordinate with Xiaopan leading up to our shoot, ESPECIALLY during COVID. When communicating with her about our upcoming shoot, she was able to provide us with so much knowledge from her blog and all her recommendations including what to bring, what to wear/what not to wear, various locations to choose from, best time of day to shoot, etc. Xiaopan was very friendly and professional from beginning to end. She knew all the angles and how to get the right lighting. Everything was so smooth, and she made us feel very comfortable with our posing.  Xiaopan is creative and fun to work with. By the end of the shoot we felt so confident that our pictures would turn out amazing... (and they did!) And oh. my .goodness... my fiance and I were blown away at the pictures we received. We love the style of the photos, and how she helped us look so natural. Her posing direction helped us look genuine and not forced. And lastly, we can say that we would not hesitate to book Xiaopan for more photoshoots in the future."

Nicole + Leo | Engagement Session Clients

What my clients are saying

"I did a branding photo shoot with Ms. Xiaopan Xue early March of 2021. Prior to the 1:1 session she provided a list of questions that allowed me to reflect on what I wanted to convey in my branding photoshoot and my business. This was deep for me!! Also she provided suggestions and guidance preparing for the photoshoot such as choosing a location, props, outfits and making a schedule for the day of the photoshoot. On the day of the photoshoot I felt nervous and anxious! However due to the preparation and Ms. Xue’s direction everything went smoothly!  She made me feel at ease and most importantly we had so much fun! She was resourceful and we managed to take a variety of photos for much content for months and years to come! The photos are beautiful, colorful, vibrant and she nailed what I wanted to convey from the photos. This was such an incredible experience! I loved working with Xiaopan Xue she is professional, reliable and engaging! This will not be the last time I will book her."

Jo Ann | Online Business Manager | Branding Session Client

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